Science has discovered how to make the taste of chocolate a great way to support good health.*

From Pleasure Food to Health Food!*

Chocolate is one of life's most misunderstood foods. It's too often considered an unhealthy indulgence. Just the opposite is true when you drink pure cocoa powder extract. In every cup of Coco Complete chocolate tea you're getting 4,000mg of concentrated cocoa that offers a powerhouse of antioxidant protection against free radical damage.*

Coco Complete is a Concentrated Cocoa Powder Extract

Remember, we're talking about Coco Complete, which is a concentrated cocoa tea blend. It's not milk chocolate bars, chocolate candies, chocolate ice cream or chocolate syrup. As a matter of fact, it's not really chocolate at all. It's pure heart healthy cocoa.*

Formulated With Cocoa, Green Tea and Resveratrol to Support Cardiovascular Health*

In addition, the health promoting benefits of Coco Complete have been further increased by adding green tea and resveratrol to the cocoa. The unique combination of natural ingredients in this cocoa powder extract supports cardiovascular health, arterial health, healthy blood flow and digestive health, as well as support for the immune system and healthy energy levels.*

Low in Calories, High in Health Support*

The best part of it all is that Coco Complete is low in calories and tastes delicious. As any dieter will tell you, a healthy and delicious low calorie treat is a benefit in itself. If you enjoy a satisfying mug of Coco Complete powder extract with a yogurt smoothie in place of a high calorie meal, you can cut hundreds of additional calories a day. Coco Complete powder extract is delicious and nutritious whether served as a hot cocoa beverage or as a refreshing cold cocoa drink. See for yourself; check our supplement facts and ingredients against your favorite brand of cocoa. You'll see that Coco Complete powder extract is the healthy choice.*

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