FAQ PurPurex

Q. What is purpura?

A. Purpura is common bruising. Thousands of individuals over the age of 50 get purpura, which is often seen as purple spots or bruises on the skin. Purpura may be caused by internal bleeding from small blood vessels. This can be related to capillaries becoming weaker with age and leaking as a result. Purpurex is designed to address these causes of common age-related purpura.*

Q. What is Purpurex?

A. Purpurex is a doctor-formulated supplement that has been found to help effectively diminish skin bruises and reduce the formation of new bruises. It works by supporting and maintaining capillary strength, which helps reducing capillary leakage. The ingredients are both safe and clinically tested when used as directed.*

Q. How do I use Purpurex?

A. Simply take two tablets daily: one in the morning and one at night, with or without food.

Q. Should I ever stop taking Purpurex?

A. Even after your bruising has cleared, Purpurex can help to reduce the formation of new bruises. Continued use of the Purpurex supplement is suggested to help keep your skin clear, promote capillary strength and reduce new bruises.*

Q. How do I use the Intensive Moisturizer?

A. The Intensive Moisturizer is included in your Purpurex System because it helps to soften and improve the appearance of the areas where you see the most bruising. Simply apply a dab of the cream to the desired area and gently smooth into skin.