5 Stars LumatoneLi

It is sensational.My skin smoother,less lines. I put some around my fiances' eyes.It works!!!Lessened the crows feet also darkened spots under the eyes.As for myself I think it is great! TRY IT.!...

5 Stars Lumatone

The Intensive Eye Treatment works wonders right away...I don't need the Green Tea cream... the under eye treatment is a little too drying.

5 Stars likes

to correct puffiness under the eyes

5 Stars Awesome

Follow the directions and see the difference. This product really works as my eyes were puffy with dark circles and now show very little of both. The new me for 2013.


I really like the stuff,is the best of all in the market.

3 Stars not bad

I like the smooth soft way my skin feels when it is on my eyes. There has been a slight improvement with the dark circles but I hope with more time and consistent use it will go from slight to tremendous. We will see!

5 Stars Lumatone-Ant-Aging Eye Cream

I heard the advertisement on a Boston Radio. I received-Lumatone cream neck & hand. New skin Day & Ant-aging night Cream. Have used top of the line products past 20 years as well as Products from Plastic Surgeon's -estitician..(Obagi). Past 10 Mary Kay. Well, New Vitality & Lumatone after 1 jar ( I used on entire face @ night. No peeling of skin the next day. My freckles have lightened and people tell me I look 10 yrs younger then my age. With the help of Make-up . I do not have to use heavy foundation- just light concealer. Will order these products again.

4 Stars going on 5 stars!

Being a skeptic, I did the trial jar and am half way through the second one. I have noticed a big difference in the discoloration around my eyes. I inherited the dark circles underneath and interior area around my eyes. My goal is hopefully not to have to wear concealer in that area but just light makeup as on the rest of my face. I am making progress, I would estimate a 75% reduction in the discoloration. I like this product because it is silky and not at all oily, It leaves skin feeling nice and smooth. I would recommend it to others and plan to continue using it.

4 Stars

Using the Lumatone night time eye cream and the anti-aging eye cream in the morning along with the Dayskin- love it love it love it. My eyes are so much brighter. I've tried everything and this is the only product I've ever been faithful with because I can see the results . It does what it says it's going to do!

4 Stars I see results

this so far is the best cream I have used...people have to remember its eye cream not super under eye cover eyes look yonger

4 Stars Helps dark circles

I really think it has made a difference in my ever present dark circles. I don't see any miracle immediate effect but it does more than any other product I have ever tried.

5 Stars Dark Circles and Acne Spots

Lumatone has transformed the dark circles under my eyes to zero in just one application! I also had acne which left dark spots on my face but Lumatone cleared that up, they vanished and my skin looks fantastic!! Please try this product because you aren't going to believe my testimony until you do! IT ACTUALLY WORKS OVER ONE NIGHT WITH ONE APPLICATION!!

4 Stars I look years younger

The dark circles under my eyes are completely gone!