Advanced Probiotic Formula for Optimal Digestion*

Why Are Probiotics So Important?

Probiotics are actual living microorganisms known to provide incredible benefits for your health. Probiotics are shown to help maintain a healthy balance of friendly bacteria in the intestines to support more regularity for your digestive system. This means improvements in your digestive upset and support for your immune system.*

Why Eating Yogurt Isn’t Always Enough

Though yogurt is a natural, healthy source of probiotics for digestion, you’d have to consume impossible amounts of it just to get the same number of probiotics found in just one ProVanta Plus capsule. ProVanta Plus contains billions of probiotic strains that many yogurts and other probiotic foods cannot deliver.*

The ProVanta Plus Difference

ProVanta Plus is designed to deliver probiotics to your digestive tract efficiently and conveniently. Each capsule comes blister-packed for maximum freshness, and after ingestion, is able to survive harsh stomach acids due to its special probiotic strains. ProVanta also includes prebiotics – the “food” for probiotics to thrive in your system, so you’re on your way to feeling better fast.*

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