SprayWhite 90 - Teeth Whitening System

Spray White 90

You’re only 90 seconds away from a brighter, whiter smile! Just spray, and you’re on your way.

SprayWhite 90 Benefits

  • Whitens teeth in 90 seconds
  • No messy trays or strips
  • No sensitivity (when used as directed)
  • Removes and kills oral bacteria
  • Improves gum health
  • Reduces bad breath

  • SprayWhite 90 14-Day Trial plus FREE shipping!


Fast, Convenient Teeth Whitening that Really Works!

Ever tried those messy trays or gummy strips that take forever to work, with no results? SprayWhite 90 is designed as a fast, convenient way to get the results you want with no sensitivity, no messes and virtually no waiting! Just spray SprayWhite 90 onto your teeth, wait 90 seconds, and you’ll have noticeably whiter teeth – even from the very first use.

SprayWhite 90 includes everything you need to get the brilliant smile you want. In your starter kit, you'll receive one SprayWhite 90 Whitener Spray for up to 3 weeks of daily use, and one SprayWhite 90 Maintenance Spray for up to 60 applications. You also get 60 WOW Enhancing Rinses to freshen breath while reducing teeth and gum sensitivity. Also included are the SprayWhite 90 Travel Case and VITA Shade Guide to track your whitening progress.


SprayWhite 90: Purified Water, AEROWHITE™ (hydrogen peroxide)
WOW Oral Cleansing Powder:Xyitol, BCS® (bicarbosilicate [sodium bicarbonate, silicone dioxide]), citric acid, natural flavors.

Q. Why is SprayWhite 90 different from other whitening products?

A. SprayWhite 90 is unique in a number of ways. First is the application of the product as a spray. This allows for the use of a small amount of product and a very short exposure time (30-90 seconds). Next is our Enhancing Rinse that shuts off the surface concentration and exposure and neutralizes any acidity from the oxygen released during the whitening process.

Q. Is SprayWhite 90 safe?

A. SprayWhite 90 is safe when used as directed on natural teeth and crowns.

Q. Will everyone see results?

A. Participants experienced up to 5 shades improvement with only one 90 second application and up to 14 shades in one week. Participants averaged 2 shade changes in one use and 5 shade changes in just one week.

Q. Will SprayWhite 90 help bad breath?

A. The use of SprayWhite 90 can also give you dramatic improvements in oral hygiene, help remove plaque, reduce halitosis (bad breath) and give you a brighter, more confident smile.

Q. Will SprayWhite 90 cause tooth sensitivity?

A. Overusing SprayWhite 90 may cause some tooth sensitivity or discomfort. Everyone’s tolerance to tooth whitening is different, but one of the benefits of the SprayWhite 90 system is the ability to regulate your use of the products including the amount of sprays and the exposure time to ensure a pleasurable experience.

Q. What are some symptoms of overuse?

A. Some symptoms of overuse are tooth sensitivity, tingling or burning during use, swollen lips, canker sores and chemical burns. If you experience any of these symptoms, reduce the amount of product used (number of squirts), length of exposure time (20-90 seconds) and frequency of use (every other day or once a week).

Q. Is SprayWhite 90 safe for dental work?

A. When used as directed, SprayWhite 90 is safe for all dental work.

Q. Will Spray White 90 whiten my veneers, crowns or implant crowns?

A. SprayWhite 90 will not whiten (change the color) of veneers or ceramic crowns in natural teeth or implants. It will, however, remove any stains and dullness from daily activities like eating and drinking. SprayWhite 90 can be used to whiten your natural teeth to the point where they match your veneers or crowns.

Q. Is SprayWhite 90 safe if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

A. SprayWhite 90 is known to be safe for everyone, but if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend that you check with your doctor before using SprayWhite or any other oral products.

Review Summary (Based on 1 Reviews)


5 Stars LOVE this product!

I have been using this product (both the spray and powder) and love the results. I drink a lot tea. The stains are gone now. The powder gives me a just brushed feel when I am on the go and can't brush. My 16 yr old nephew "borrowed" my product and now is asking me for more. THAT is quite an endoresement. He loves coffee but not the stains. :-) My only complaint is I would like to order in bulk.