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What is P3 Advanced?

P3 Advanced is a dietary supplement from Super Beta Prostate, the #1 best-selling prostate supplement in America. While the classic Super Beta Prostate formula has a powerful key ingredient to support prostate health, P3 Advanced has THREE key ingredients – each working in a different way to promote healthy prostate function. We made this advanced formula for men who want more comprehensive support, and more researched ingredients.

Within P3 Advanced is our incredible ProstaFend blend, which takes these key ingredients and balances them to perfection. In this blend you’ll find beta-sitosterol, reishi mushroom extract, and 15 mg of lycopene to provide a triple-action approach for your urinary and prostate health. P3 Advanced also includes important nutrients for the prostate, such as zinc and selenium, as well as a 200% of your daily value of vitamin D.

What makes P3 Advanced different than other products on the market for prostate health?

We love answering this question! When you compare the P3 Advanced formula with others, you may notice a couple of things. One, many other formulas take a “kitchen sink” approach and throw in every ingredient they can think of. This might include ingredients that are completely ineffective or based on folklore. Two, these brands keep production costs down by only including a little bit of each ingredient. P3 Advanced only has ingredients backed by promising research, and we only use amounts that meet or exceed that research. This is a science-based formula, and it’s the direct result of a lot of investigating on our end. That’s why we’re so certain P3 Advanced will work for you.

What is beta-sitosterol?

Beta-Sitosterol is a natural plant sterol found in many fruits and vegetables – but in relatively low doses. Multiple clinical studies show that beta-sitosterol can reduce common urinary issues, improve urine flow, and reduce urges to urinate. We’ve found that many other prostate supplements either miss out on beta-sitosterol, or include an amount that’s too low to be effective. We feel this ingredient is important in urinary and prostate care for men, and that’s why P3 Advanced has an amount of beta-sitosterol that exceeds the clinical trials.

What is lycopene?

Lycopene is a carotenoid; a pigment created by plants. Lycopene is most commonly associated with tomatoes, and has a long history of being used to support prostate health. Preliminary research suggests that lycopene may support healthy prostate size.

Furthermore, low lycopene levels are associated with an increased risk of lower urinary tract symptoms in older men. Many prostate supplements include some lycopene on their labels, but if you look at the supplement facts, you’ll usually find that they don’t have nearly enough of this ingredient to make a real difference. P3 Advanced provides a generous 15 mg of lycopene. You would have to take 150 capsules of our closest competitor’s formula to get the same amount of lycopene from ONE serving of P3 Advanced!

What is reishi mushroom?

Reishi mushrooms are most commonly found in East Asia, and have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over two thousand years! But more important, an extract from this mushroom has been show to support healthy prostate function, and it helps reduce urges to urinate.

Is it safe to take P3 Advanced?

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced is not a drug, and it’s considered safe when used as directed. If you are taking a prescription medication, or you have other concerns, it is recommended you seek the advice of a medical professional before beginning any new health regimen.

What is the recommended dosage for P3 Advanced?

The suggested dosage for P3 Advanced is two caplets a day. It is recommended you take one caplet in the morning and one caplet in the evening.

How long will one bottle of P3 Advanced last me?

Each bottle of P3 Advanced contains 60 caplets and will last 30 days.

After I Start Taking P3 Advanced, When Will I Notice Improvement?

Everyone’s body is different so it all depends on how your body absorbs and reacts to the ingredients in P3 Advanced. Remember, this is a nonprescription formula made with ingredients that work WITH your body. Some men report relatively quick results and others notice a difference after taking P3 Advanced for a while.

This is why we offer a full free 30-day supply: so you have time to take this formula and see how it can help improve the quality of your life. We strongly encourage men to take P3 Advanced for at least 60 days before deciding if it doesn’t work for them.

How long do I need to continue to take P3 Advanced?

All men over 50 need to think about their prostate. As men age, the prevalence of urinary issues will likely increase. As such, we recommend men over 50 take P3 Advanced every day to help reduce urinary issues, and to continuously support healthy prostate function.

Is Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced guaranteed?

Every product we sell is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You may use any New Vitality product for a full 30-days risk-free and if you are not satisfied for any reason, return the bottle and you’ll receive a prompt and complete refund of your purchase price, less shipping and handling. No questions or explanation is required.


The fact is, you could be like many men and simply ignore your prostate and urinary health. You might turn out okay, but it’s more likely you’ll at least be dealing with more frequent bathroom trips.

Why take that chance? With P3 Advanced, you’re getting daily support for healthy prostate and urinary function – plain and simple. Not only that, but you’re getting science-based support from the brand men trust!

  • No Prescription Needed
  • Reduce Urges to Urinate
  • Decrease Nighttime Bathroom Trips
  • Promote Better Bladder Emptying
  • Help Improve Urine Stream
  • May Help Support Healthy Prostate Size
  • Promote Better Quality of Life